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Jackalope Art Fair Pasadena

Annie QuigleyComment
Day 1: Jackalope Art Fair

Day 1: Jackalope Art Fair

Jackalope Art Fair is Pasadena was the best selling experience I've had to date!  I met so many wonderful people and sold a bunch!  I was so happy to help Mother's Day shoppers, Wedding Gift shoppers, and even a bride and groom who found gifts for the in-laws.  I was also surprised by the variety of pieces I sold.  Lots of $25 items sold, as expected...but so did most of my large carved bowls!  Thank you for your support everyone!

I do believe that there were forces at play in this success:

 First, I've been focusing my work more and more in the studio.  I still experiment and have fun, but I'm only making multiples of the items that are truly special and unique.  The experiments stay home. This really helped each product line shine.  Seeing a whole table of Woodland Bowls, Luminaries, and dishes helped the eye focus and they only elevated each other.  The same with the Mandala Collection.  There was one table that looked a little mix and match but I think the multiple levels helped separate items.

Second, the display had many more levels and I brought the tables up higher (I used bed-frame stilts.)  Not only were the levels helpful, but I but many of the carved bowls on plate stands.  This helped guests eye a piece from yards away.  I heard from multiple people that they zoomed straight to my booth because they saw a specific bowl propped up.

Lastly, my amazing dad helped in SOOO many ways.  First, in less than a week, he built these beautiful jewelry displays out of wine barrel staves he had laying around.  Then he flew into town from New Jersey just to help me each day to set-up, break down, pack, un-pack, repeat, was an amazing salesman, and plied me with food the entirety of both days!

Here's to another great sale!