Quigley Ceramics

Luminous Pottery for the Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes the work that you sell?

I do!I am a one woman shop.My fingerprints are all over every piece.I pick up the clay, I make each item, I take the photographs (most of them, anyway), I update my social media/website, and I package and ship your pieces to you.
If you know of any free labor let me know!

Do you use molds?3D printer?

Nope and Nope.It's me, the potters wheel, and a really thin knife....and time...lots of time.

Are your carved pieces strong or will they just shatter the moment I take it out of the box?

My carved pieces walk the line between strength and delicacy.The Woodland collection and the Sea Turtle bowl are the most strong and can generally take some dings and bumps because of their solid lip.(I use mine regularly as a fruit bowl on the kitchen table.)Any of the pieces that have a carved lip are more delicate and should probably be used somewhere in the home that has less traffic (Dining room table, mantle, hung on the wall perhaps, etc.) 
Like anything ceramic, if you drop it on a tiled floor it will probably break.

How do custom orders work?
Custom order requests are always greeted enthusiastically. I love to make work that will resonate on a more personal level with my customers. You can send me an email at Quigleyceramics@gmail.com or through the messaging system on Etsy.

When considering a request, please know that the ceramic art process is highly variable and unpredictable. It's one of the reasons I love it so much.Let me know what you'd like and I'll tell you honestly if I can deliver. 

Custom orders are non-refundable and can not be exchanged.

How do you ship your pieces?

I most frequently ship with USPS Priority Mail, which guarantees that your package arrives quickly. This service also insures your purchase should anything happen.Depending on the item, I frequently use a healthy amount of bubble wrap and double-box the item.
I Live in Los Angeles.  Can I pick up my order?
Of course! Message me and we'll figure out a time when you can visit my studio in Highland Park. QuigleyCeramics@gmail.com